Time to Practice Ubuntu: In Prayer and Solidarity with Haiti

In one moment, your life can change.  Deadlines, pressing conversations, and to-do list items fade in the background as we heard today of the 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti Tuesday evening.  Immediately we began engaging all our Facebook, Twitter and internet connections to ignite the global prayer chain.  Join us in prayer at Ubuntu Village Global Prayer for the Nations.

We have seen in small and large, personal and communal ways that prayer is powerful and that prayer changes things.  From all over the nation and globe, the people started to pray.  And while we continue to pray, we come together in solidarity, ready to support organizations on the ground and those that will assist in the rescue, healing and restoration.

Ubuntu means “we are because you are” and “people are people THROUGH others.”  In Kinyarwanda it means “the humanness” or “the generosity.” Through Ubuntu Global Village communities, we talk about it a lot.  We embody it on the streets of South Africa with our Ubuntu Global Village empowerment and food outreach for children, youth and communities living on the street.  In Chicago and in special events around the U.S., we encourage Ubuntu.  But now is the time, more than ever that we can practice Ubuntu.  What’s happening in Haiti is happening to us.  What is happening in Sudan is happening to us.  What’s happening for homeless families and people on the streets is happening to us.  We are one Global Family.

And so, it’s time to practice Ubuntu.  We want to practice yoga and engage in this movement and that.  But now more than ever, the world needs us to practice Ubuntu.  Haiti needs us to practice Ubuntu.

Wyclef Jean’s www.Yele.org has a strong presence on the ground in Haiti and will organize in the relief efforts.  Today, on CNN.COM he asked for the help of the international community in every way, from U.S. military assistance to the assistance of the whole global community.  We followed him on Twitter and have continued.  He wrote:

“We need the US military as soon as possible n haiti We need the 4 million Haitian that live out side of haiti to Act now, we need da world!” —Wyclef Jean

So we stand ready.  You may follow Wyclef at www.twitter.com/wyclef or donate online at www.yele.org.    “Text YELE right now to 501 501 to donate 5 dollars toward relief in Haiti.”

Join us in prayer!  Ubuntu Global Village Prayer for the Nations


Praying Together for Southern Sudan

Greetings of Peace and New Years Blessings be with you!

Pray with us now for the region of Southern Sudan and for our brother Peter Magai Bul who is there now. We pray God’s covering over him and over everyone there.  We speak restoration, healing, life and intervention, an end to the genocide and restoration for all that has been lost.  We speak over the nations and leaders who can intervene now to end the violence and make way for restoration.

May God raise up our awareness and support over the globe. Let us pray together right now for the region and for everywhere that people are ravaged by war and violence.

This year, we are united in prayer and faithful action for the Healing of the Nations.

We bless God for you, for Peter Magai Bul and all those on the frontlines for peace, healing and restoration.

God bless you so much!
Holding you and these situations in the Light and in our prayers.


GlobalPastor L and the Ubuntu Global Village Team

Siyabonga, Merci, Asante Sane: It’s not too late to make your Tax-deductible gift

Greetings of Peace Beloved Ubuntu Global Community!

We want to say Siyabonga!  Merci!  Asante Sane!  We thank you so much for supporting and connecting with the Ubuntu Global Village Mission in South Africa, the U.S. and beyond.  We are thankful to you and the communities that have joined us and had incredible events and initiatives to forward the mission of Ubuntu Global Village in so many ways.

We write to share the incredible news of the unfolding and growth of the mission this year and to ask you to please make your tax-deductible gift to support our work in 2010. 

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Please make checks payable to “Presbytery of Chicago” and write “Wicker Park/Ubuntu Global Village” in the memo. Please also email us at ubuntu.global.village@gmail.com to let us know to expect your 2009 donation.  We also do encourage you to donate online at the address above.

Click here for pictures of our latest Stateside event “Embodying the Change: World AIDS Ubuntu Benefit Soiree.

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It has been an incredible year.  Through the prayers and faithful action of people from all parts of the world, we have seen this incredible vision make its reality.  We want to share more with you about what is happening.  Please be welcome and encouraged to subscribe to our blogs and online Ubuntu Global Village Prayer for the Nations at


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We thank you for your prayers and support.
Ubuntu means “We are because you are” and “people are people THROUGH others.”  It means “the generosity and the essence of humanity.”

  • Please let us know how Ubuntu Global Village has impacted you this year.

Join us as we make a world of difference in the lives of our children, in the life of our Global Community.

God bless you so much!  God loves you so much!

Thank you!  Siyabonga!  Merci! Asante Sane

Rev. LaDonna and the Ubuntu Global Village Dream Team

People ask me, “How can I/we help?”

It’s officially Christmas in South Africa!  I just spoke to Mama Bada and Papa Raymond who head up our Ubuntu Global Village Durban  Mission Possible who were sharing with me all that is happening as the Ubuntu Project Durban is growing and growing as we empower kids living on the streets of Durban, South Africa.

Partner with us today.  Go http://www.wickerparkgrace.net and make your tax-deductible donation.

Beloved Community  Please take a moment and celebrate the holidays by partnering with us.  Go to http://www.wickerparkgrace.net to make your tax deductible donation.  Scroll down and click donate at the Ubuntu World AIDS Icon.   Send your friends and family there and help us to seed this program for the New Year.  God bless you so much!  Thank you so much!  —RevL, Mama Bada, Papa Raymond and the Ubuntu Global Village Team.

Many of you have been on the journey with us and have watched how we have grown. This past Saturday there were over 100 children at the Christmas celebration and empowerment outreach.  Local and Global citizens came together across the city and across the internet and provided clothes, toys and wonderful meal prepared by Mama Bada.

Next year, we continue to serve with the kids on Saturdays and ask you to join us so that we can take the program to the next level. Ultimately as we unite in prayer, support and faithful action, we look to see the kids restored to homes and abundant life.

These miracles happen with your partnership. We are a grassroots global community that works to build bridges across the waters empowering local community members to assist in the Healing of the Nations in their communities.

It’s Christmas time, it’s the end of the year.  As we celebrate and buy gifts, let us remember programs like this one.  Let us remember our children. Please donate today.  As we put what we have to share together, the miracles happen!

Abundant Blessings and Thanks to you in this incredible time!

Abundant Peace and Thanks,

RevL and the Ubuntu Global Village Mission Possible Team

From France and Rwanda: Message and Prayer from the Nations

Greetings of Peace!  From our Dear Sister Marie G co-founder of Ubuntu Centre Rwanda.  Join us in prayer and unity.

“Hello wonderful team, hello dear brothers and sisters!

We are, because you are
and together, through God
In the name of Jesus
we believe that everything is possible
and with freewill
we decided to be by your side
making the difference

Just let’s pray and always remember to pray everytime before act, to make sure that God and only Him guides us :

Dear God, we thank YOU for what YOU blessed us with to share with our brothers and sisters worldwide and today again we renew of vows to be YOUR workers and children and spread the word that YOU love us equally.
Today we raise before YOU all children who are hungry, needy and/or sick, for them to be healed by YOU. Because in YOU is the abundance, and the health, and the source of all the intelligence and everything they need and even more, because YOU are the Almighty.

We thank YOU for us and for them.”

AMEN  from our dear sister Marie G Founder of Ubuntu Centre Rwanda centreubuntu.org

AMEN  from our dear sister Marie G Founder of Ubuntu Centre Rwanda centreubuntu.org

A Baby and Mother Living Outside, Prayers for Clothes, Food and Shoes: The Prayers of the Children: Their Holiday Prayer Requests

Praying Today for the Prayer Requests of Our Children.  Join us… “Our kids requests for this Christmas, clothes, blankets, shoes, new life, return home. No play stations, i pods, dvds. Let us remember them in our prayers and in our giving.”  RevL

Dear Beloveds of God, God bless you so much! As we write you today, we are holding you in the Light and especially your families, communities and ministries. Today, we are impressed to call forth the prayers for our children. As we continue in the 21 Days of Prayer for the Healing of the Nations and the Healing of HIV/AIDS, we pray especially for our children.  These specific prayer requests came from Mama Bada and Papa Raymond in the ministry with kids living outside in Durban South Africa. Some from the children regarding clothes and shelter, the other about one sleeping outside with her small baby. God be with the children near and far. We invoke your healing presence! Please pray with us for these and all the children.

“Dear pastor ,we greet you in the name of jesus ,we thanks God for the ministry to day . We have some prayer Request us we told the kids we are going to celebrate early Christmas 1o kids asked clothes ,age 13yrs and 3 are 14 yrs old, boys and one kid need ticket to go back home. thank you may God bless you. Bada &Ray.”

“Dear pastor,we thanks God for today. We ministry verywell. We have one kid she has a baby they sleep out side with the baby . Our prayer is needed”

Our kids requests for this Christmas, clothes, blankets, shoes, new life, return home. No play stations, i pods, dvds. Nothing wrong with that. But as we shop shop shop, let us remember our children in need. And let us pray for them without ceasing. Want to remember the kids living outside in Durban this holiday season.

You can support by going to http://www.wickerparkgrace.net, click on the donate icon and write “Ubuntu children’s Christmas wish” in the memo. God bless you so much! We continue to pray together without ceasing.God is doing something great in this time. Let us come together to be a part of it.

Global CommUnity,

Rev. LaDonna and the Ubuntu Global Village Dream Team

Hello world! Welcome to Ubuntu Global Village!

We are blessed to finally introduce Ubuntu Global Village Connections.  From Durban, South Africa to Chicago to Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, from Ghana to New York City, from Springfield, Missouri to the UK and Paris, France, we are uniting Global CommUnity for the Healing of the Nations.  Subscribe and engage not just in reading and posting your comments, though your voice and the voices of the people are very important, we are engaging together sharing resources and prayers for the Healing of the Nations.

God bless you so much and thank you for being with us!