Hello world! Welcome to Ubuntu Global Village!

We are blessed to finally introduce Ubuntu Global Village Connections.  From Durban, South Africa to Chicago to Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, from Ghana to New York City, from Springfield, Missouri to the UK and Paris, France, we are uniting Global CommUnity for the Healing of the Nations.  Subscribe and engage not just in reading and posting your comments, though your voice and the voices of the people are very important, we are engaging together sharing resources and prayers for the Healing of the Nations.

God bless you so much and thank you for being with us!


2 responses to “Hello world! Welcome to Ubuntu Global Village!

  1. Hello wonderful team, hello dear brothers and sisters!

    We are, because you are
    and together, through God
    In the name of Jesus
    we believe that everything is possible
    and with freewill
    we decided to be by your side
    making the difference

    Just let’s pray and always remember to pray everytime before act, to make sure that God and only Him guides us :

    Dear God, we thank YOU for what YOU blessed us with to share with our brothers and sisters worldwide and today again we renew of vows to be YOUr workers and children and spread the word that YOU love us equally.
    Today we raise before YOU all children who are hungry, needy and/or sick, for them to be healed by YOU. Because in YOU is the abundance, and the health, and the source of all the intelligence and everything they need and even more, because YOU are the Almighty.

    We thank YOU for us and for them.


    • Greetings, Dear Sister! God bless you so much! God is with you! Thank you for this prayer! We will share it with everyone if that is good for you!

      We bless God for you and continue to pray with you for the manifestations of the plans of God’s for the children and for the Healing of the Nations.

      Happy Christmas to you and everyone there and the whole Ubuntu Centre Rwanda.

      Love and thanks from all of us!

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