Praying Together for Southern Sudan

Greetings of Peace and New Years Blessings be with you!

Pray with us now for the region of Southern Sudan and for our brother Peter Magai Bul who is there now. We pray God’s covering over him and over everyone there.  We speak restoration, healing, life and intervention, an end to the genocide and restoration for all that has been lost.  We speak over the nations and leaders who can intervene now to end the violence and make way for restoration.

May God raise up our awareness and support over the globe. Let us pray together right now for the region and for everywhere that people are ravaged by war and violence.

This year, we are united in prayer and faithful action for the Healing of the Nations.

We bless God for you, for Peter Magai Bul and all those on the frontlines for peace, healing and restoration.

God bless you so much!
Holding you and these situations in the Light and in our prayers.


GlobalPastor L and the Ubuntu Global Village Team


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