Time to Practice Ubuntu: In Prayer and Solidarity with Haiti

In one moment, your life can change.  Deadlines, pressing conversations, and to-do list items fade in the background as we heard today of the 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti Tuesday evening.  Immediately we began engaging all our Facebook, Twitter and internet connections to ignite the global prayer chain.  Join us in prayer at Ubuntu Village Global Prayer for the Nations.

We have seen in small and large, personal and communal ways that prayer is powerful and that prayer changes things.  From all over the nation and globe, the people started to pray.  And while we continue to pray, we come together in solidarity, ready to support organizations on the ground and those that will assist in the rescue, healing and restoration.

Ubuntu means “we are because you are” and “people are people THROUGH others.”  In Kinyarwanda it means “the humanness” or “the generosity.” Through Ubuntu Global Village communities, we talk about it a lot.  We embody it on the streets of South Africa with our Ubuntu Global Village empowerment and food outreach for children, youth and communities living on the street.  In Chicago and in special events around the U.S., we encourage Ubuntu.  But now is the time, more than ever that we can practice Ubuntu.  What’s happening in Haiti is happening to us.  What is happening in Sudan is happening to us.  What’s happening for homeless families and people on the streets is happening to us.  We are one Global Family.

And so, it’s time to practice Ubuntu.  We want to practice yoga and engage in this movement and that.  But now more than ever, the world needs us to practice Ubuntu.  Haiti needs us to practice Ubuntu.

Wyclef Jean’s www.Yele.org has a strong presence on the ground in Haiti and will organize in the relief efforts.  Today, on CNN.COM he asked for the help of the international community in every way, from U.S. military assistance to the assistance of the whole global community.  We followed him on Twitter and have continued.  He wrote:

“We need the US military as soon as possible n haiti We need the 4 million Haitian that live out side of haiti to Act now, we need da world!” —Wyclef Jean

So we stand ready.  You may follow Wyclef at www.twitter.com/wyclef or donate online at www.yele.org.    “Text YELE right now to 501 501 to donate 5 dollars toward relief in Haiti.”

Join us in prayer!  Ubuntu Global Village Prayer for the Nations


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