About Ubuntu Global Village

Ubuntu Global Village is building bridges of relationships, resources, CommUnity and possibility in the spirit of Ubuntu for the Healing of the Nations.  Ubuntu Global Village Mission Possible was founded in Durban, South Africa and is an empowerment project for youth living outside in Durban, South Africa.

Ubuntu means “I am because WE are” and “people are people THROUGH other people.” Ubuntu Global Village engages partnerships, the sharing of resources and prayers.  Subscribe, follow the blog, get involved and engage in the healing of our communities, in the healing of the nations.

The strength of Ubuntu Global Village is relationship-building. Building relationships across communities, across nations, across cultures, across the waters, sharing together resources in supporting life-sustaining programs and empowerment initiatives.  We encourage community members at all levels to share the gifts, talents and wisdom they have for the Healing of the Nations and the healing of our communities. Founded in 2003, Ubuntu Global Village is emerging in fostering Global and Local CommUnity through service, education and economic empowerment interventions.  We specialize in bringing organizations, institutions, communities, families and individuals together to work across and heal divisions for the common good.

Join us today as we make the vision and mission of Ubuntu Global Village a reality.

We welcome your donations which support our Saturday empowerment and food outreach with kids living on the street in Durban, South Africa and supports the building of Ubuntu Global Village and new partnerships.

Please send your contributions to

The South Africa Ubuntu Project

c/o Ubuntu Global Village Foundation, 1507 E. 53rd #688, Chicago, IL 60615.

For more information contact our Global Pastor and Mission Executive at revladonna@gmail.com .

Join us as we work together for Bridges of Healing as we continue our work and presence in South Africa, US America and beyond for the Healing of the Nations.    Thank you so much!  Siyabonga!  God bless you so much!


2 responses to “About Ubuntu Global Village

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  2. plse let me kno what i can do to help/volunteer

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